Our Services at MedFlex includes:

Preventive Maintenance

Periodic Preventive Maintenance is an essential and vital process to keep your system and equipment up-and-running for the maximum time during its life span. Your investment in capital load equipment is very expensive, so cover it with our experience to maximize your up-time and profit.

Corrective Maintenance

<a name="amc"></a>Or so called break down maintenance. We assure you the fastest response and visit time, with shortest possible turn-around-time. With our spare parts stock and technical-support focused company, you will have peace of mind from break down issues.

Service Contracts

All of our service contracts are Platinium class contrats. Just provide us with your demands and we will hand-make your service contracts to suite your budget without over paying.

Microscope Calibration

Microscope Calibration is much higher level than cleaning the objectives and stage. We assure you with extremely detailed calibration and maintenance aspects of a concerned microscope. Measurements, resolution, real magnification result and color balance, are just a few examples of what we can provide you.
You can also seek consultation from us with your needs to confirm a proposed microscope suites your needs without more/less specifications that you need.

Pipette Calibration

In accordance with ISO8655 and even beyond it, we provide trust-worthy calibration and adjustment to laboratory pipettes ranging from 0.5 micro liter up to 20 milli liter.

Balance Calibration

Using our high end and certified class E2 masses, we are confident that your scale/balance is up to maximum possible calibrated value.

Centrifuge Calibration

Any lab has at least a cetrifuge. Whether it is normal one or refrigerated centrifuge; our calibration system goes accross all points of calibration up to 90k RPM. Including adjustment of it's balance and lock.

Electrical Safety Testing

Electrical Safety Tests via IEC standards 60601 (1st, 2nd and 3rd editions), AS/NZS 3551 and IEC 62353, done by our team on your equipment on periodic basis or after maitencne, assures your technicians and the equipment itself is safe.

Temperature Measurement and Calibration

Highly precise thermometer is used by our team to make sure that any temprature controlled system, is under precise control!

Equipment Relocation

Whether you changed your laboratory work flow, or shifting to another location; our team is ready to schedule a relocation job for the equipment in professional and safe manner.

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Young company and mature experience, with specialized & long experience in a challenging market. Our ambitious is to warrant the maximum up-time and decrease the medical equipment service turn around time, in a very new way in UAE market, for the brands that we serve. Meet us today to learn more.

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