COVID-19 PCR Tests

All detection kits offered by MEDFLEX are capable of detecting ORF1ab gene, N gene, and Internal Control to ensure the whole process is correct.

High Quality products with high sensitivity

Uni Medica
Uni Medica
High Sensitivity - Limit of detection is 200 copies/ml. Flexibility; Compatible with multiple brands of Real Time PCR systems.
Approved and Authorized by G42 labs Abu Dhabi and others in UAE.

Securing the society from the epidemic
  • Effectively identifies positive samples
  • Minimal turn around time for tests
  • High selectivity of amplification/detection kits
  • Trusted by highest quality authorities and labs in UAE
  • Uses One Tube method

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Young company and mature experience, with specialized & long experience in a challenging market. Our ambitious is to warrant the maximum up-time and decrease the medical equipment service turn around time, in a very new way in UAE market, for the brands that we serve. Meet us today to learn more.

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