A Comprehensive Monitoring, Logging and Controlling Solutions, by Monnit

ALTA products family -by monnit- is the only wireless sensor platform on the planet with 12+ year battery life and over 300 meters wireless range (non-line-of-sight). ALTA 868 MHz products are frequency-agile, providing better RF interference immunity in the most demanding applications.

MedFlex Technical Services LLC is proud to be an Authorized Reseller for Monnit products and software.

Go Cloud!

All of Monnit products can be monitored and controlled with the use of Cloud technology. No matter of time or distance of your site: open your smart phone or computer and browse the iMonnit online Cloud software.
Monnit Software categories:
  • iMonnot Premier (cloud software)
  • iMonnit Express (local software)
  • iMonnit Enterprise (dedicated server located at the customer site, can be configured as Cloud software or only local use)

Monnit Available Sensors Categories

Monnit monitoring and logging system is available in three main categories, to fulfill all cutomer size and budget needs:

Monnit Standard

Monnit standard wireless sensors have become an industry standard for reliable, low-cost remote monitoring.

Monnit ALTA Advanced

ALTA wireless sensors are the latest Enterprise Grade remote monitoring solution from Monnit.

Monnit Wi-Fi

Monnit Wi-Fi sensors comes with the great accuracy of Monnit, but designed for very small size customers.

ALTA wireless sensors are the latest Enterprise Grade remote monitoring solution from Monnit

Superior Wireless Range
Wireless Range: more 300 meters

Monnit ALTA sensors range

A comprehensive range of sensors that cover all needs of many parameters.
Is a sensor that you are looking to measure a specific parameter, is not shown below? No problem at all! just send to us your needs and we will work on customizing a special sensor to suite your needs. contact us at: for detailed specifications and pricing.

Monnit Local Alert System

The Monnit Wireless Local Alert provides an additional way to receive critical notifications and sensor readings through your iMonnit network. Upon receiving a notification the Local Alert can flash an LED, sound an audible alarm, and display critical notification information. The Local Alert can also be used to display sensor readings from any sensor on the same account.

When choosing to send a notification to the Local Alert, the user can choose what the device should do when it receives the notification. A notification can be programmed to flash the LED light, sound an audible alarm, display text on the LCD screen, or any combination of these features.

Monnit Control System

Monnit Wireless Control allows a user to control two separate power relays, all through the iMonnit online sensors portal. Automatically control motors or electrical devices when a condition is detected by a sensor or group of sensors. Relays can also be controlled manually through the online portal or mobile app.

Monnit Thermostat System

The ALTA smart thermostat is different than typical thermostats found today, as it is designed specifically for remote configuration. There are no manual adjustment buttons which prevents the cooling or heating system from being tampered with or left in an energy wasting state. It also features an integrated motion sensor to auto detect if the area is occupied or not. The system allows you to set a max and min temperature range for both occupied and non-occupied statess. This is a perfect solution for remote buildings that are typically unoccupied, as the system will auto adjust comfort levels when personnel arrive and automatically return to normal when they leave. It is also great for corporate buildings, schools and churches to prevent random adjustments by unauthorized people and auto detect occupants to adjust comfort levels. It also provides cost savings by allowing the cooling or heating system go into a power saving mode if an area is not in use.

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